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If you are a Wounded Veteran and want to attend an event, please fill out an application by clicking on our Apply Here tab!

Since our humble beginnings, we have sent over 1000 Wounded Veterans on hunting and fishing trips. These outdoor retreats are a proven therapy for our Veterans.

“Chappy’s Outdoors brings the gospel and the appreciation that is due our nation’s military for having sacrificed so much for our freedom.”
Jimmy Sites, Spiritual Outdoor Adventures TV Host

We need your support as we heal our heroes through God’s creation…they served, they sacrificed, now it’s your turn!

It is clear in the outdoor community that most organizations want to show their support to our returning veterans by taking them on trips just like our.  However, there is usually little to no follow-through on making these events a life-changing experience for these men and women. 

Why can't they accomplish this? -because their time and focus is limited.

Why is ours different? -we offer hope, encouragement, and a new life through Christ that has been proven to benefit these Veterans in a more lasting manner. We maintain contact with our Veterans long after the event is over.  We follow up as they face crisis, hardships, and blessings years after having first met.  It's not just about the trip for us. . .it is a passion to change a life with the outdoor sports we love!!!​​​​
If you have received one of our Salvation Poem Cards, please click on the image below.
It is estimated that there are more than 2.9 million wounded, ill, and injured servicemen/women living in the United States today.  Many of these have endured recent deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan.  There is medical evidence that now documents the importance of such outdoor activities in the healing and recovery process.  These Wounded Veterans sacrificed for us and carry a burden that our events can begin to help alleviate.  They need this time away.

We have been running events through Chappy's Outdoors since 2008.  We have sent Veterans to 23 different states to hunt 16 different species and on over 10 different fishing tournaments or trips chasing 18 different types of fish. Over 1000 veterans have been blessed by our efforts and many different communities as well.  Each of these events are carefully picked to ensure community involvement creating friendships and memories that will last forever​​.
Partner with us and assist us in healing our heroes!
Through God's Creation

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Healing Heroes