"This is something I will never forget..."
 - Holden Roberts, 2011
"Words could never express the way I feel about the opportunities you've given me..." - LCpl Steven Bachleda, 2011
Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks Wounded Warrior Hunt

​​Location: West Friendship, Maryland
CHECK OUT THE LOCATION'S WEBSITE AT: http://www.farmheritage.org
4 Potential Event Dates: Oct, Nov, Dec 2014 & a late hunt in  Feb 2014 - ONLY 10 SLOTS AVAIL. PER HUNT!!
-This was a wonderful new location for us in the 2012 season and the final whitetail hunt for this winter season 2013. It is a shotgun/ muzzleloader hunt through Howard County Dept of Recreation & Parks at the Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum. This one proved to be a LOT of fun each time we went last year! You can plan to at least shoot at deer if you can attend this one!! Last year we had shots at deer for nearly every person in attendance with one day producing four deer for one of our hunters! 
2nd Annual Maine Black Bear Hunt

Location: Maine​
Dates: September 2014 - 2 or 3 Slots
-We are starting to plan for next years event! We are looking ​to include one of our staff members on this hunt. This one promises to be a great annual event for our applicants!! The success rate is high in this particular location and hunters will be hunting over bait sites. Great accommodations, great people...all-around fun! 

Illinois Building Dreams Wounded Veterans Deer Hunt

Location: Southeastern Illinois
Dates: October, 2014
- We will be hosting future hunts at this area that is not only known for producing some great deer, but in the past it has produced the largest one we've seen taken on one of our organization's events! If interested in this event for next year. Check out the website for the location here:
3rd Annual Clymer, NY Wounded Veterans Whitetail & Bear Hunt

Location: Clymer, NY
Dates: December 2014
-This will be our third annual event with Dave and the community of Clymer, NY. The event was amazing and highly recommended by each of our Warriors for future attendees. The opportunity to harvest multiple deer and even bear exists in this same hunt! The local community, area Churches, and several members of ​the local chapter of Christian Bowhunters of America will be on hand to minister to and treat our Warriors with a great week of hunting and other events! 

​​​​​3rd Annual Elk Hunt in Idaho with Monte Bruhn

Location: Idaho
Dates: September, 2014 - - CONSIDERING APPLICANTS FOR 2014 TRIP!!
- We invite individuals to begin contacting us to sponsor or attend next year's event as a Warrior. This is a technical hunt with base camp at over 8000 ft...The begins with a 2 hr horse back ride to base camp, where you will be staying in white tents and possibly out in the open mountains based on movement of elk.  Planning for this hunt begins early Spring 2014 / Late Winter of 2013. 

​​​LEEK's Annual Blackpowder Whitetail Deer and Pheasant Hunt

Location: Potter County, PA (L.E.E.K. Hunting & Mountain Preserve)
-Contact Chappy or Ed Fisher through the L.E.E.K. Site info found on our "Other Sites" page to sponsor or attend the event. 
Peterson Outdoor's 6th Annual Wounded Warrior Whitetail Deer Hunt

Location: Nashville, MO (Peterson Outdoors Ministries)
-Please contact Chappy through this site or Tron Peterson through the Peterson Outdoors Site info found on our "Other Sites" page to arrange to sponsor or attend the event.

​NWTF Turkey Hunt in the Catskills.

Location:  New York
Dates: May 2014​

​​Turkey Hunting in Catskills, NY is a treasure to remember.  We have a good group of people who will act as guides and send you on a hunt you will remember.  
2014 Building Dreams Wounded Veteran Turkey Hunt

Location:  Hamilton County, Illinois
Date:  April 2014
​​​​​This hunt in April was proven to be a successful hunt for all our Veterans.  Not only does Building Dreams have some beautiful deer but they are very populous in turkeys as well.  
Below is a list of the events that we have available and are in the process of planning.  Keep an eye on the list for we are always adding events.  Thank You to all who support Chappy's Outdoors by providing areas for our wounded veterans to hunt and fish.  Make sure you fill out an application at the Apply Here tab.  We have also just started using an email system to give our wounded veterans an opportunity to attend events that we have had a short time to plan and post.
2014 NWTF Wheelin’ Sportsman Hunt on Assateague Island National Seashore

​​Location:  Ocean City, ​Maryland
Dates:  5-7 Januar
y, 2014
This will be an excellent archery hunt for some wounded veterans.  They will not only have the opprortunity to hunt sitka deer, but will have the opportunity to see wild horses at play. Local game wardens will be taking our wounded warriors out on this hunt.​
HGO Wounded Warrior Bear Hunt

Location:  Idaho
Dates:  May 2014

This past year was a producer.  Heavens Gates Outfitters was extraordinary in helping out this wounded warrior in this hunt.  This is a special selection process and one warrior will be chosen for this hunt.  Go to our other sites tab and click on their logo and also fill out an application and you could be the next warrior to harvest a bear. ​​​​